Active Ingredients:
Each 4.1g sachet contains –
Sodium Bicarbonate ….. 1.76g
Citric Acid ….. 0.72g
Sodium Citrate ….. 0.63g
Tartaric Acid ….. 0.89g
This preparation contains 650mg of sodium per sachet.

U-Lite® Effervescent Granules is indicated to relieve the burning discomfort caused by mild urinary tract infections. It also helps to reduce the formation of uric acid and cystine calculi in chronic gout. It may enhance the action of certain antibiotics such as Sulphonamide and relieves symptoms associated with gastric hyperacidity.

Product Descriptions:
White granules with natural orange flavour. Sugar free.
When the granules are reconstituted, it effervesces into a clear solution with a hint of orange smell.

Boxes of 4.1g x 12 sachets and 4.1g x 28 sachets .